One of the possible problems that prevent you from accessing tappas. org may be caused by DNS. We recommend working with Google’s public DNS to fix it. To make the change you can follow the information of this link:


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By default tappAS is using 1.7Gb of RAM if your computer has at least 8Gb, but in some cases it isn’t enough to run all analysis. If you have some problems with that you can run tappAS with more RAM if is available.

To do that follow the next steps:

1º Go to tappAS default folder (usually tappas.0.99.xx where xx is your release version)

2º Run the tappas.jar file with the next commant line:

java -XmsAM -XmxBM -jar tappas.jar

Where A and B are the minimum and maximum RAM (in Mb) that you want to give to the app. If you want to give 2Gb as minimun and 6Gb as maximum you need to run:

java -Xms2000M -Xmx6000M -jar tappas.jar

(You need to assign ram in Mb)

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In tappAS 0.99.07, we update some sources and how tappAS works with the annotations files. If you don’t have the lasted version of tappAS your next projects downloading a new annotation will failed. By other hand, your old projects wouldn’t worked with new annotations by the same change.

If you want to update tappAS, you have to delete your old projects and delete your References folder in your tappasWorkspace before run the new version. Then, you can create your old projects again and they will work with the new changes.

Remember that tappAS is still a beta version and changes like this could happen in the future. If you want to update tappAS to version 0.99.07 or lasted and you have a lower version can follow this link.

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