Select tappAS file to download below. Latest tappAS version available is 0.99.06 (beta version).

Application Files  
tappAS.0.99.08.ziptappAs Application version 0.99.08Filesize: 23.4Mb
Note: This is a big update so the easily way to get the new version of tappAS without errors is delete your last tappAS (0.99.06 or before) with its tappasWorkspace folder and create all the projects again. We remind you that tappAS is still a beta version and all this changes are made to improve the program. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to update tappAS you will lose all your results but you can run it again. You should know if you want to keep your last tappAS version you shouldn't download new annotations because an error will appear due to we change the internal structure of tappAS.
Miscellaneous Files  
install.pdftappAS Installation and RequirementsFilesize: 79.3K

Note: You may download additional annotation files and demos from the application as needed.

0.99.08September 18, 2018
  -Error marks added to Expression Charts.
  -Now, you can run the Functional Diversity Analysis for a specific list of genes.
  -Added DPA Gene Summary option.
  -Minor correction in FEA.
  -Minor correction in GSEA.
  -Fixed image exportation for DPA and DEA clusters.
  -Fixed column size in all analysis to show all the title.
  -Fixed Protein name for CDS.
  -Fixed visualization subtaps (Now, you can't see the same symbol for different sources).
0.99.07July 20, 2018
  -New Differential PolyAdenilation Analysis (DPA)
  -New annotations files with structure information
  -New background white color for all graphics
  -New set of color for all graphics and new icon design
  -Minor Podium Change bugs fixed
  -Minor FDSA bugs fixed
  -Minor FEA bugs fixed
  -Minor DEA bugs in Case-Control fixed
  -Miscellaneous changes
0.99.06March 23, 2018
  -Implemented new GSEA method to run analysis (MDGSA)
  -Implemented new automatic filtering and reduction for GOterms in GSEA and FEA
  -Implemented Favored condition
  -Fixed filter in DSA and FDSA
  -Fixed FDSA features selection
  -Fixed save chart in FDSA drill down
  -Added information to run tappAS If your hardware are much lower than recommended
  -Automatically save the directory for rankList in GSEA and FEA for next time
  -Miscellaneous changes
0.99.05February 20, 2018
  -Implemented DSA for single and multiple series time-course
  -Implemented FDSA for single and multiple series time-course
  -Implemented Podium Change for DSA and FDSA
  -Fixed Expression Values Filter when you create a new project
  -Miscellaneous changes
0.99.04February 07, 2018
  -Viewing gene online reference feature not available for user annotation files
  -Fixed "abort function" in almost all analysis
  -Fixed expression charts icon
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.03February 05, 2018
  -Automatically save the directory of all data for next time
  -Using new format for project parameters
  -Miscellaneous internal changes
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.02January 26, 2018
  -Fixed display of tab overflow names in tab pane menu
  -Fixed protein sort by expression level in gene data visualization
  -Modified about dialog to show credits
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.01December 15, 2017
  -Initial release of TAPPAS after name change from Transcript2GO - will use new tappasWorkpsace folder