Select tappAS file to download below. Latest tappAS version available is 0.99.06 (beta version).

Application Files  
tappas.0.99.06.ziptappAs Application version 0.99.06Filesize: 23.3Mb
Note: Annotation for Homo Sapiens Ensembl 86 will not work for new downloads due to tests being performed with the new version of tappAS.

Note: If you have an older version of tappAS, your existing DSA and FDSA analyses (for single and multiple series time-course) have to be run again.
Miscellaneous Files  
install.pdftappAS Installation and RequirementsFilesize: 79.3K

Note: You may download additional annotation files and demos from the application as needed.

0.99.06March 23, 2018
  -Implemented new GSEA method to run analysis (MDGSA)
  -Implemented new automatic filtering and reduction for GOterms in GSEA and FEA
  -Implemented Favored condition
  -Fixed filter in DSA and FDSA
  -Fixed FDSA features selection
  -Fixed save chart in FDSA drill down
  -Added information to run tappAS If your hardware are much lower than recommended
  -Automatically save the directory for rankList in GSEA and FEA for next time
  Miscellaneous changes
0.99.05February 20, 2018
  -Implemented DSA for single and multiple series time-course
  -Implemented FDSA for single and multiple series time-course
  -Implemented Podium Change for DSA and FDSA
  -Fixed Expression Values Filter when you create a new project
  -Miscellaneous changes
0.99.04February 07, 2018
  -Viewing gene online reference feature not available for user annotation files
  -Fixed "abort function" in almost all analysis
  -Fixed expression charts icon
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.03February 05, 2018
  -Automatically save the directory of all data for next time
  -Using new format for project parameters
  -Miscellaneous internal changes
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.02January 26, 2018
  -Fixed display of tab overflow names in tab pane menu
  -Fixed protein sort by expression level in gene data visualization
  -Modified about dialog to show credits
  -Miscellaneous display theme changes
0.99.01December 15, 2017
  -Initial release of TAPPAS after name change from Transcript2GO - will use new tappasWorkpsace folder